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Friday 2. October 2009 - 09:40

I Will Defend Argentina To The Death - Real Madrid's Gonzalo Higuain

Real Madrid striker Gonzalo Higuain denied claims that he had any doubts as to whether he should play for Argentina or France. The striker also rejected claims that he had problems with Diego Maradona in the past.

"The declarations to French magazine So Foot were completely misinterpreted. They put in words that I never said. I never put my intention to play for Argentina in doubt, and I never said that I wanted to play for France," affirmed Higuain.

' Pipita' was born in Brest, France, when his father, Jorge Higuain, played professional football in the country. Higuain had the option to choose to play for either France or Argentina, but had no doubts about who he preferred to play for.

"I'm an Argentine, I feel like an Argentine, and I will defend the colours of Argentina to the death. I have always said this to my friends and to everyone who has asked me this."

He continued: "To be in the national team is a great feeling and something to be very proud of that can't be described with words. I fought a lot to be here and I hope to take advantage of it and to stay here for always. I will give everything to help the national team so that we qualify for the World Cup, because to play for your country is a unique feeling."

Last week Higuain received his first official national team call-up by Diego Maradona for Argentina's crucial World Cup qualifiers against Peru and Uruguay later this month.

Prior to the call-up, there was ongoing speculation that he was in conflict with Maradona, but Higuain denied the rumours.

"The things that were said about my relationship with Maradona are stupid and they are getting boring. I'm not interested in them. I thank Maradona very much for selecting me, and hopefully I can pay him back for that confidence on the field, with the great players we have."

Higuain is expected to start from the kick-off for Argentina in the crucial World Cup qualifier against Peru at the Monumental stadium in Buenos Aires.

Provided by: Frank Henriksen
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