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Saturday 25. February 2012 - 14:59

News from Madrid

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Today at 18.00, Real Madrid Castilla will play there home match against La Roda in the stadium Alfredo di Stefano. It could be a difficult match but of course Castilla is favorites due to their strong rhythm at the moment.   They have a 6 points lead to the second placed Tenerife, and it looks like the real resistance will show up in the playoffs.

But why is it important to reach the playoffs for the second division?

Well first point is that the level is much higher, and better for the young talents to develop their skills. This will help them get introduced to the first team. Second point is, that it’s easier for the coaches to see, if their players haves the level for playing in the best league. But Real Madrid has found a new way to introduce the young talents to their best team, and it seems to be their future at the moment. They lend or sell their young talents to other clubs in Primera division, and they will develop their skills in those clubs instead. Then Real Madrid buys them back after one or two years. It has until now been a success with Granero, Arbeloa, Callejón and Rubén de la Red. Sadly with De la Red, he had a heart attack and is not able to play anymore.  At the moment Real Madrid are lending their young talent Pablo Sarabia to Getafe, but until now you have not seen much of him, though he played against Barcelona in Getafe´s  1-0 victory and made the assist from a corner. Personal I have a worry about this way Real Madrid are developing their talents as of course it can be a setback to be in a smaller club, and maybe not get the minutes you need to develop as a young talent. But Real Madrid has success with Getafe before lending out players, so I have trust in what they are doing.

Upcoming talents.

Beside Pablo Sarabia, Real Madrid has some really fantastic talents on their way to the first team. Alvaró Morata, Joselú, Carvajal, Jesé and Alejandro (Alex) Fernandez are all really fantastic talents and are able to take the big scene in the future. Attention to Jesé, who already is discussed to be moved to the first team, because of his big influence of Real Madrid Castillas lead in the second division B. He has a great technical skill, he is fast and like Cristiano, and he always searches the goal. Those players mentioned are cable to enter the first team directly, if they get the correct support from the people around them in the club. Real Madrid should not waste any minute more, of moving their young talents to other clubs, when they have such a successful time in general. It is also my opinion that Real Madrid should buy Pablo Sarabia back as soon as possible.

Remember the history.

If you look back at the at la quinta del buitre and at in the middle of the 90´s where Real Madrid also won a few titles with Capello and Jorge Valdano. Real Madrid played fantastic football including young talents like Butragueño, Manolo Sanchis, Martin Vazques, Miguel Pardeza and Michel, today’s coach of Sevilla. Also Raúl, Guti and Iker Casillas came from Real Madrids own academy. This is what you miss in Real Madrid and now I believe it’s possible to see again with the players from Castilla. Real Madrid creates a lot of talents also during their years from 2004 to 2010 where it has been more negative results than positive in the 3 tournaments. Players like Etoo, Juan Mata, Negredo has been forgotten in the chase for titles, and have had success in other clubs. Players like these you should not just throw away and I hope Real Madrid have learned of their mistakes. Now it’s the time to take chances and Real Madrid should not be afraid to take them. We are close to win the league after 3 years and Champions league is also possible. After the season I would like to see players from Castilla in the squad and not foreign players that only have a short time in the club.

Inside critics.

 It’s not only among the fans the frustration lies but also people in the club. 6 months ago Real Madrid has been criticized by people in their own club, and the Plata forma Blanca which is a Peña with Real Madrid members, for not using more time on their talents. AS did also wonder, why right back Carvajal was not used against Racing Santander so Sergio Ramos could stay in the middle of the defense in their last match.

Real Madrids last general assembly was also used by members to express their anger of Real Madrids interest in Neymar. They don’t want him and maybe the club should listen more, as Real Madrid have very important talents at they own grounds.

Last season more time was used on the talents and it was good to see some few talents in different matches, but it has not been very well planned yet, and I believe that Real Madrid has to take action now. What is sure though, is that Mourinho don’t want to take chances this season as titles is now most important, so next season people in Madrid would like to see a difference.  Steffen from Madrid.

Provided by: Frank Henriksen
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