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Saturday 19. October 2019 - 11:39

Takefusa Kubo: “Madrid convinced me to choose them ahead of Barcelona and PSG”

The Japanese sensation gave an interview to Marca ahead of the weekend match-up between Mallorca and Real Madrid.

Real Madrid head to beautiful Mallorca for a weekend match-up against the recently promoted island side. MARCA caught up with the 18-year-old Japanese wonder-kid, Takefusa Kubo who is on loan to Real Mallorca, ahead of the game.

Full interview transcribed below:

You were followed by other great teams like Barcelona and PSG, why did you choose Madrid? "I really liked Madrid’s intentions from a sporting perspective. The club showed me the plan they had for me in the upcoming years and my career and I really liked it, that convinced me to choose them ahead of other clubs."

Did you decide to leave on loan and come to Mallorca instead of staying in Castilla? "In the end the decision is always made by the player, but first my agent and I talked to the club and decided it was for the best."

Did you notice now the expectations has grown around you after signing for Madrid? And the impact it had? "Yes, of course. For example, on Instagram since the news of my signing became official, I gained a lot of followers."

Madrid noted in their official communication after your singing that you are ‘one of the most promising young players in world football’, what are your thoughts after reading that? "I don’t want to think they are exaggerating, so I think I have to give a lot and demonstrate this. The pressure is good for me, it allows me to demand more from myself."

What player surprised you the most at Real? "I already knew that everyone was good, because they are world-class players. Isco joined a little late and I was very surprised by the skill and quality he has."

Did Zidane talk to you during the preseason? "Yes, Zidane is a very good coach, and he pays attention to every one of his players. He’s very good, that’s why he’s back."

Is it true that you watch Hazard’s videos before you play a game? "Yes, during the Copa América matches with Japan I would put on his videos before the game. I already knew Hazard was very good, but seeing him in real life - personally, it made me a little emotional"

What is one aspect of your game that you want to improve? "I’m improving my speed. These days only a player with a lot of speed can reach that high level, and if on top of that you already have the technical quality then it’s something else."

Which position do you prefer to play in? "I prefer the central attacking midfield role, but I can adapt well to the wing"

Who is your football Idol? "It has always been Messi. I don’t know how old he is now, but it’s amazing that he keeps on scoring so many goals."

Which footballer would you like to meet or face as an opponent? "I would like to play against Pogba, and talk to him. I’ve never seen him play live."

And a young player that you like the most? "Mbappé! he is by far the best."

Provided by: Frank Henriksen
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