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Monday 13. October 2008 - 08:35

Calderón To Face Calls To Go

The leader of a group that want a change of regime at Real Madrid are going to call for Ramón Calderón to resign with dignity or they will push ahead with a plan to oust him.

Plataforma Blanca's Eugenio Martínez Bravo is preparing to make the demand at the club's next general assembly even though he is not hopeful that the club president will step down.

In much the same way that Joan Laporta led the Elefant Blau against Barça supremo Josep Lluis Nuñez in the 1990's, the Madrid opposition group are desperate for a change at the helm.

"In the assembly I will go in hard and put it forward that Calderón goes because his presence at the front of the club discredits Real Madrid," Martínez Bravo said.

"If he had any dignity and if had any affection for the club he would leave."

"The assembly will be a key moment because depending on how everything goes and what people that are present have to say we will gtive him the chance to go with dignity."

"The most likely thing though is that we will push forward a motion of censure."

Calderón has yet to name a date for the assembly and that has left Martínez Bravo frustrated in his efforts to start planning for it.

"We ask every day for a date when it will be, but nobody at the club knows anything. Not us or anyone inside," he continued.

"Our last thought was that it would be at some time in October, but the regulations state that he has until December 31."

Provided by: Frank Henriksen
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