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Monday 15. April 2024 - 09:10

Real Madrid midfielder seen angrily lashing out at teammate during Mallorca win

Real Madrid were able to maintain their solid advantage at the top of the league table, thanks to a narrow 1-0 win over Mallorca on Saturday.

It was a hard-fought win for Los Blancos, who could have easily lost points and allowed Barcelona to bridge the gap at the top ahead of April 21’s Clasico.

The high stakes of the encounter were evident when Federico Valverde lashed out even at his fellow teammate just for losing the ball.

During one particular point of the game, Valverde was seen reacting angrily to Brahim Diaz, who lost the ball in the final third.

The loss of possession allowed Mallorca to launch a dangerous-looking counter-attack, which was eventually stopped by Valverde.

The Uruguayan international was furious at Brahim for not passing the ball earlier and thereby losing possession. After stopping the counter-attack, he was seen yelling at Brahim "Pass the fu**ing ball."

Valverde’s reaction to a simple loss of possession underscores just how important yesterday’s match was for Real Madrid.

Valverde, in particular, was not ready to lose points to Mallorca and emerged as one of Real Madrid’s most active players. Brahim, in contrast, had a difficult night and was not able to make much of an impact.

With Real Madrid ultimately winning the game 1-0, there was no hard feeling at the end between Valverde and Brahim Diaz.

In fact, earlier today, Brahim posted a photo of him and Valverde, sharing a precious moment in training.

Both the players will now shift their attention to the upcoming task at hand, as Real Madrid take on Manchester City in the second leg of the UCL quarterfinals.

Provided by: Frank Henriksen
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