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Tuesday 28. May 2024 - 08:46

Fede Valverde talks Cristiano, Kroos, Vinicius, Bellingham, Rudiger, Champions League

Real Madrid midfielder Federico Valverde has expressed his deep admiration and respect for his teammate, Toni Kroos, emphasizing that the team will never truly be able to replace him.

Valverde’s comments came after Kroos announced his decision to retire from professional football following the upcoming Euros next month.

Reflecting on his experiences, Valverde described playing alongside the German midfielder as a dream come true.

During a conversation on The Residency app on Monday, the Uruguayan international opened up and said, “Playing with Toni Kroos was a dream come true. When talking about him, I always fall short of words "

"We will never be able to replace Kroos. I tell you that he is the person I admire the most and that I would love to be able to do at least ten percent of what he has done at Real Madrid, but it is very difficult "

"In the end, we have another kind of game, there is not a player in the world similar to Toni. We have to find another way of playing, we will try to continue marking an era in this club, but it will be difficult "

"I hope one day they can say goodbye to me in a good way as they did with Toni " he added.

Valverde shared his excitement about the Champions League final, stating that while winning the prestigious tournament is the ultimate goal, he also wants to savour and enjoy the experience of playing in such a significant match.

His enthusiasm for the game and respect for the competition were evident as he said, "A final is the game of your life "

"Expectations for the final? Winning it above all. Enjoy the match, but you will do more when you win. In the moments before, there are a lot of nerves "

"Everything is different from any other match. It is the most important match of your life, and being able to play it with many family members in the stands and having them come to watch your match, is the best "

He went on to talk about Sergio Ramos, highlighting the former Real Madrid captain’s irreplaceable presence on the team. Valverde noted that there will never be another captain like Ramos, whose leadership and influence have left a lasting legacy at the club.

"For me, there will never be a captain like Sergio Ramos "

However, Valverde also expressed his own aspiration to one day wear the captain’s armband for Real Madrid, showing his ambition and dedication to the team.

"Real Madrid captain one day? Obviously. It is possible "

The conversation didn’t end there; Valverde also shared his thoughts on his teammates Antonio Rudiger and Cristiano Ronaldo.

He spoke fondly of Ronaldo, acknowledging the significant impact the Portuguese star had on the club and how inspiring it was to play alongside such a legendary figure.

"Rudiger is crazy but he’s a cute madman. He is a very good guy and an excellent teammate "

"Of course, I love Cristiano Ronaldo. He is a legend, not only for Real Madrid but worldwide "

Valverde recounted Real Madrid’s journey to the Champions League final, recalling his crucial goal against Manchester City and the team’s impressive performance against Bayern Munich.

These moments, he said, were pivotal in their successful campaign and demonstrated the team’s resilience and skill.

"Are we in the final because of my goal vs. City? Maybe, maybe not. I remember an interview after the game and the question of why I didn’t value the goal so much "

"They asked me why I did not celebrate. It had reasons, it wasn’t like a defeat, but it seemed to be. Now I am happy about the goal "

"In my opinion, against Bayern in Germany it was not as difficult, we could have won. Everyone said at the Bernabéu it will be easy, but that’s where we suffered. I was taken off, but thanks to Joselu we are here "

In a light-hearted moment, Valverde made a promise to his fans and teammates: if Real Madrid win the Champions League, he will dye his hair white. This playful vow added a touch of humour to his otherwise serious and heartfelt reflections.

"If we win the UCL, I will paint my hair white "

Meanwhile, when asked about his favourite for the Ballon d’Or, he said, “Who wins the Ballon d’Or between Viní and Bellingham? I would split it in half. Both are incredible.”

Lastly, he admitted that he gets along really well with Barcelona defender Ronald Araujo. "Favorite Uruguay teammate? Although he plays for Barcelona, I get along very well with Ronald Araújo."

Provided by: Frank Henriksen
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