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Thursday 8. March 2012 - 19:53

What happened to Higuain?

Here again we have some hot news from Steffen in Madrid.

What happened to Higuain?
There is a good reason to watch extra carefully on Gonzalo Pipita Higuain tonights game. He has scored  5 goals of his last 3 matches against Espanyol. The away match in this season against Espanyol, Higuain made a hat trick in the 0-4 victory.
But we have not really seen the real Higuain this season I think, and there are two very good reasons for that. Benzema has had a really great period under Mourinho, and has been Mourinhos preferred attacker for a long time, wich has not been easy to handle for Higuain. In other season´s Higuain has been able to fight back and retain his position in the starting 11. But this year has been different, and I believe that it’s also due to his back problems, he have had last season. After the operation in his back for a slipped disk, Higuain has not been at his best, and people are starting to get worried.
El Kun?
Real Madrid tried very hard, and so did El Kun to force Atl. Madrid selling the young Argentinean for Real Madrid. He ended up in Manchester City and Real Madrid did not try to find a third attacker for the season. Instead Real Madrid is using the options they have from Castilla, Morata and Joselu, now when Benzema is out with an injury. In the latest news, and after the match against Rayo Vallecano, El Kun has been rumored to Real Madrid by Marca, wich would have to be a replacement for Higuain. But already a day after, the rumors have been rejected by Mancini and Mourinho. Mancini says that, El Kun is not for sale for any price, and Mourinho explains “the coach who sells Higuain, must not be a very clever person, Higuain is one of the best strikers in the world, and I am very happy with him.  I have no intention to sell Higuain.” In the future, the rumors will probably go on and on about El Kun, and the question will be if Real Madrid buy´s him, who has to go.
Higuain did a very poor match against Rayo Vallecano. He seemed slow, did not fight for every ball and was frustrated. It was clear when Mourinho started to yell at Higuain, and Higuain seemed lost when he answered Mourinho with the arms to the side. Mourinho wanted him to fight more, but it did not go so well for Higuain, and there is reason to be worried. Higuain have had difficulties to play the style of play, where Benzema fit more in. Higuain does not participate so much in the play with Özil and Cristiano, and it seems to slow the offence down for Real Madrid. It gives Higuain fewer chances both on and off the pitch. At this moment Mourinho prefer to use Benzema, and there is not so much time to work on Higuains problems. I believe though that you will see a very prepared Higuain this night against Espanyol. He needs to score and play well tonight to win back Mourinho´s trust. Fans miss the old Higuain, and tonight and hopefully in the future, I think you will see him.

Provided by: Frank Henriksen
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