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Monday 24. June 2019 - 11:09

Hierro: “Raul is ready to coach Castilla”

Real Madrid legend Fernando Hierro talked to the press after the Corazon Classic Match against Chelsea.

Legends of Real Madrid and Chelsea faced off in the 2019 Corazon Classic Match and Fernando Hierro talked to the press and said some interesting quotes about Raul, who will coach Castilla next season.

"Raul is super ready for that job and he’s a Real Madrid legend. I’m sure he will do great and I wish him the very best in Castilla. He’s well-prepared for the job," said Hierro.

Raul will most likely have the chance to coach great prospects like Rodrygo and Take Kubo, so Castilla will be expected to perform well.

The legendary defender and former captain also shared his thoughts on Zidane’s return to the first team.

"That’s been the best that has happened to Real Madrid. With him in charge everything will be where it’s supposed to be. He will lead the group," explained Hierro, who praised Real’s signings.

"The excitement is back, some great signings have been made and it makes sense after a poor season. Madrid are doing a good job and they’re doing it quickly," concluded the former defender.

Provided by: Frank Henriksen
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