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Thursday 12. May 2022 - 11:02

Real Madrid's reasons for signing Rudiger

Antonio Rudiger has already reached an agreement to join Real Madrid, which will be formally announced in the coming weeks, as MARCA reported.

The 29-year-old defender will join the club, having established himself as a top-class centre-back after two brilliant seasons at Chelsea.

The addition of Rudiger to Los Blancos' squad will provide a leap in quality, giving Ancelotti a range of tactical possibilities, such as playing with three centre-backs, or with two and the ability to move David Alaba to left-back or into midfield.

That's why, at the MBP School of Coaches, we are going to analyse what Rudiger will bring to Real Madrid, both on an individual level through the fundamentals of the game, as well as from a tactical perspective.

Rudiger's physicality is a big factor that goes in his favour. He is capable of covering large spaces behind his back thanks to his physical size and speed of movement, both short and long distances.

The centre-back has become a fundamental part of his team's ball distribution, thanks to his overwhelming ease in finding the free man or the favourable spaces for progression.

Rudiger is also very good at interpreting the space around him. He is very adept at judging when to step forward to an attacker or when to hold back and allow his fellow defender to take a more aggressive approach.

The German is also very adept at defending the front post from corners or free-kicks, a valuable trait for any team.

This 2021/22 season, Ancelotti's Real Madrid have played with a back four. However, the inclusion of the German centre-back within the squad will offer an organisational variability that Carletto has so far lacked.

With Rudiger, the Italian coach could use a three-man defence with two wing-backs, as both Alaba and the German are brilliant at bringing the ball out from the back.

Provided by: Frank Henriksen
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