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Monday 20. March 2023 - 08:39

Toni Kroos says he does not feel sorry for Eden Hazard in response to the Belgian’s recent comments

Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos has responded to Eden Hazard’s recent comments about his lack of playing time at the club claiming that he does not feel sorry for him.

The Belgian, who joined Madrid in 2019 for a record-breaking fee of €115.00m, has struggled with injuries and poor form, leading to his limited appearances for the Spanish giants.

In a recent interview with RTFB, Hazard expressed his frustration about his lack of playing time, stating that he wanted to play and have fun on the field. He also expressed his desire to stay at Madrid and prove himself to the coach and the fans.

He said:

"I want to play. I want to have fun on the field."

"Training is good but what keeps us alive are the matches. I hope deep inside me that I can bring something and that the coach is still counting on me, I hope."

"We’ll see if I’m still going to play by the end of the season. I doubt a little. It’s up to me to show him in training that he can call on me."

"I would like to stay. I’ve always said that. I hope to play and to show that I can still do it."

"People have doubts, that’s normal, I understand. But for me, I’m still here next year. You never know, but a transfer is not in my plan."

"There’s respect between Ancelotti and I. But I’m not going to say we talk to each other, because we don’t. But there will always be respect."

"I have to have respect [for] a guy like Ancelotti. For what he represents for football, and for what he’s done in his career."

However, Kroos, a key player for Madrid, does not feel sorry for Hazard. In an interview with Eleven Belgium, Kroos stated that pity has no place in football, and that he only feels sorry for people who are in very bad situations.

Kroos went on to say that while he understands Hazard’s situation has been difficult, everyone is responsible for their own situation to some extent. He also revealed that he talks to Hazard often and has a good relationship with him, but still does not feel sorry for him.

He said (quotes via AS):

"Compassion is out of place in football."

"I don’t think Eden has a bad life. You can pity people who are clearly going through it worse. It’s not about money, I just haven’t felt sorry for anyone in football."

"Of course, the situation has been difficult for a long time, but at the end of the day, everyone is to some extent responsible for their own situation. That’s why I think pity is out of place."

"I know Eden very well, we talk often, but I only pity people who are in very bad situations and Eden is not one of them."

Hazard’s time at Real Madrid has been marred by injuries and inconsistent performances, leading to criticism from fans and pundits alike. Despite this, he has remained committed to the club and expressed his desire to stay and prove his worth.

Regardless of Kroos’ feelings about Hazard’s situation, it is always sad to see a talented player like Hazard waste his peak years on the bench. It remains to be seen whether he can turn his fortunes around at Real Madrid. Otherwise, perhaps a move away to gain regular playing time would be the best course of action for the former Chelsea star.

Provided by: Frank Henriksen
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